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What Does Invisalign Treatment Involve? Step-By-Step Overview

February 1, 2024

Considering Invisalign® in Annapolis for your smile goals? Wondering what exactly this popular clear aligner treatment entails? Getting Invisalign is a big decision, so understanding the step-by-step process beforehand helps you prepare.

What’s involved in the initial Invisalign consultation?

The first step is an intro consultation at your dentist’s office near me in Annapolis. We’ll examine your smile’s alignment and listen to your orthodontic goals. Then, we discuss if Invisalign aligners can achieve the improvements you want.

During this visit, we also take digital scans, photos, and X-rays of your teeth. These records allow our Guard Your Smile Dentistry team to map out your custom treatment plan digitally if you decide to proceed.

How are custom aligners mapped out digitally first?

Using the detailed 3D renderings of your smile, our dentist in Annapolis maps out every step of tooth movement needed to reach your goals. This virtual “movie” simulates how your teeth will progress incrementally with each new set of aligners.

We also estimate the total number of aligner stages needed and the approximate length of your Invisalign treatment. This digital preview helps us create completely customized aligner trays later on.

What’s the process for aligner fitting and delivery?

Once you approve the digital treatment plan, we order all your custom aligner trays from Invisalign’s lab. About 3-4 weeks later, you return for the insertion of your first aligners to start treatment officially.

We ensure they fit securely and give detailed oral hygiene and tracking instructions. You take your first set home to wear for around 1-2 weeks before switching to the next freshly delivered trays.

How often do aligners get changed out initially vs later?

At the beginning of Invisalign treatment, aligners often get changed every 1-2 weeks while teeth are moving rapidly into position. As you approach the finish line, we space out aligner stages to every 2-3 weeks instead.

Total treatment time averages just 6-15 months. Your exact timeline depends on how much movement your smile requires to meet objectives. Expect more frequent aligner changes early on.

How can I track progress during Invisalign treatment?

Digital smile simulations allow us to preview the step-by-step progress ahead of time. But we also schedule regular check-ins to monitor your teeth’s advancement firsthand.

We take updated photos/scans every 4-8 weeks to compare actual movement against the projected treatment plan. You’re right on schedule as long as your smile stays on track with the modeled predictions!

Does Invisalign require special cleaning or oral care?

In addition to excellent regular dental hygiene, Invisalign aligners need special attention to avoid staining or odors. You’ll clean trays daily with antibacterial soap and rinse before inserting.

We also provide an Invisalign cleaning kit with crystal cleaner tablets to soak aligners. You must brush after eating/drinking anything besides water with trays to prevent buildup. So stay vigilant!

How do maintenance appointments work with Invisalign aligners?

As discussed above, you’ll come in every 4-8 weeks for updated progress tracking. We’ll also deliver your next round of custom aligner trays at these visits after close inspection.

If any unexpected issues arise, like temporary attachments falling off, we can fix things right away. And we’ll always answer any other questions at these quick touchpoint appointments!

We hope this overview of what to expect with Invisalign treatment helps you feel fully prepared! Contact us at Guard Your Smile Dentistry if you’re considering clear aligners to transform your Annapolis smile.