Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry in Annapolis, MD

At Guard Your Smile Dentistry, we are committed to elevating your smile’s look using more conservative treatments. Our cosmetic dentistry in Annapolis helps care for concerns that impact your smile look and health, whether crooked teeth, over-spaced, stained, or damaged teeth. Our cosmetic dentist near you can straighten your teeth while ensuring optimum oral health.

We understand that any good cosmetic treatment should go far and beyond to support the patient’s long-term dental health. Consider crooked teeth, for instance; they make it hard to clean and present spaces where bacteria could hide and begin to multiply, forming plaque and tartar. If you let the teeth remain crooked, you could have to deal with constant decay and gum disease. Straightening crooked teeth improves oral health and aesthetics.

Smile Makeovers in Annapolis

Our smile makeover depends on the patient’s unique needs and cosmetic goals. It can be just a simple teeth whitening treatment or a series of procedures for total mouth reconstruction. If you wonder, “Where can I find smile makeovers in my area?” Guard Your Smile Dentistry is the go-to dental practice.

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

We provide numerous cosmetic services, from Invisalign® to bonding to veneers and whitening.


We provide Invisalign trays to patients needing to upgrade their smile’s look by straightening their crooked, crowded, protruding, or over spaced teeth. Invisalign offers a subtle orthodontic choice for adults and teens alike. Rather than wearing metal wires and brackets, we provide strong, clear plastic aligners to move teeth to their intended positions gradually.

Composite Bonding

Our cosmetic dentist in Annapolis, MD, provides bonding to correct and repair dental concerns like breakages, chips, fractures, stains, and irregularly shaped teeth. Our composite bonding teeth procedure uses color-matched flexible material for a natural-looking appearance.

Porcelain Veneers

Our dentist mounts and blocks of cement these wafer-thin coverings or shells on a patient’s front teeth. The shells cover the front areas and the sides of the affected tooth. They are color matched to give an attractive appearance since veneers correct flaws in teeth like cracks, chips, stains, uneven teeth size, and breaks.

Teeth Whitening

You can elevate your smile’s look with our teeth whitening treatment. We provide chairside whitening that delivers quickly instantaneous results. We also offer whitening trays if you want to brighten teeth at home at your pace. Our dentist supervises the entire at-home whitening process with our whitening trays.

Dental Implants

As part of our cosmetic dentistry in Annapolis, we fit dental implants near you once you lose teeth to extractions, decay, trauma, gum disease, or bone erosion. Dental implants feature a titanium or zirconia implant screw fastened onto the jawbone and osseointegrates with the bone to become one part. Crowns, dentures, or bridges are attached to the implant posts. Implants provide a lasting, stable, and highly functional teeth replacement solution.

Visit Guard Your Smile Dentistry to discuss your cosmetic and smile makeover needs with our cosmetic dentists nearby your area.