Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns in Annapolis, MD

Dental restoration is key for those who want an improved smile. Crowns might be what you need. Guard Your Smile Dentistry will provide you with this option.

Our dentists will examine your teeth and see if you need them. If you qualify, it will require at least two visits.

You may be dealing with teeth that are decayed or damaged to the point where they may not be as strong as they should be. You must consider whether or not crowns near you might be your best dental restoration solution.

Crowns explained: What are they?

A crown fits on the top of a tooth. It is intended to be ‘crowned’ so it will be restored to its original function, shape, and size. You may notice this damage and decay on your own; your dentist may also detect this. It is important to deal with this by any means necessary.

The process of crowns

The crowning process takes two visits. The first one will be intended for prepping the tooth for installation. Our dentists in Annapolis, MD will numb the mouth and clean out any decay. They will shave down the tooth to ensure a perfect fit. They will also perform a mold or digital impression. Your next appointment will be two weeks after this.

This next appointment will be when the crowning of the tooth happens. Once completed, you must take care of your teeth through regular dental hygiene. Remember that visiting a dentist for exams and cleanings twice a year is important.

How long do crowns last?

Crowns can last 5 to 15 years. The materials are durable enough to handle any wear and tear. You should continue to perform regular oral hygiene every day.

Need crowns? Make an appointment now.

You might need crowns to make your teeth look better and stronger. Guard Your Smile Dentistry and the team led by our dentists near you will be able to help. Don’t wait – call our office for crowns in Annapolis, MD today.