General Dentistry

General Dentistry in Annapolis, MD

As your primary care provider, Guard Your Smile Dentistry provides preventative care, diagnosis, and treatment of various diseases, disorders, and conditions affecting your gums, teeth, face, and jaw. Our focus on preventative dentistry empowers you to maintain healthy, beautiful, strong, and functional teeth, gums, and jaw for optimum oral and overall health. Our friendly dentists in Annapolis, MD always help whenever you need personalized, gentle care.

Exams and Cleanings – Receiving regular teeth cleanings allow you to keep the gum and teeth in tip-top condition. Our dentists near you provide high-quality, prophy cleanings or even gross debridement. We also do X-rays and visual exams or even touch your oral structures to feel for abnormalities. Our exams and cleanings can reveal developing issues like decay, inflammation, and receding gums.

Root Canal – Our dentists access your tooth’s root interior to remove diseased, inflamed, or dead pulp tissue and clean it. We can reclaim the health and function of your ailing or damaged tooth with root canal therapy.

Gum Disease Treatment – Depending on the extent of gum disease, we can provide deep cleaning involving scaling and root planing or even more invasive treatment like gum flap surgery and soft tissue grafts.

Tooth Extraction – Our dentists perform simple and more intricate surgical extractions. Our tooth extractions are pain-free thanks to our sedation dentistry and numbing agents.

Emergency Dental Care – We are here whenever your tooth is smashed out, your gums are abscessed, or your tooth is aching with throbbing pain. We provide quick relief of dental pain.

Bruxism Treatment – We treat clenching and grinding by providing customized mouthguards or splints. These oral devices help deter direct teeth contact that damages the enamel while grinding and clenching.

Patients’ Oral Health Education: Dental visits only go with a strong dental education. Many people need to be better informed on aspects of dental hygiene, especially beyond the average brushing of teeth once a day.

Contact us at Guard Your Smile Dentistry to receive oral care education, diagnoses, treatment, and management of oral diseases provided by our dentists in Annapolis, MD!