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Is a Broken Tooth a Dental Emergency?

June 1, 2023

Every broken tooth does not warrant a trip to emergency dentistry for treatment. For example, you can wait for your next routine dental appointment if an impact on your mouth causes a toothache or sensitivity. Meanwhile, you can seek help from OTC medications for relief until you can find a dental care provider.

Often determining what constitutes a dental emergency is challenging, and seeking help from an emergency dentist paying higher prices will not serve your needs if you can receive assistance from a dentist near me. Although a broken tooth is categorized similarly to the suggestions provided, you can determine whether you need immediate attention from an emergency dentist.

What Are Dental Emergencies?

A dental emergency is a situation that needs immediate attention from a dental professional. It usually involves calling your dentist and scheduling a same-day appointment to receive attention. You can also consider visiting an urgent care facility to receive first aid to alleviate pain or prevent bleeding. The visit to the emergency care facility allows you to get medical treatment while waiting for an appointment with your dentist.

Understanding When to Seek Emergency Dental Care

Tooth fractures are the most common dental emergencies making a broken tooth warrant a visit to an emergency dentist near you. Broken teeth can result from impacts on your mouth when involved in sporting activities, falling, or eating hard foods. While broken teeth represent a severe problem, two types of breaks are considered non-emergencies.

Minor tooth fractures do not require help from an emergency dentist, especially if your teeth are chipped, because dentist 21401 can treat the minor chip with tooth-colored fillings because the break does not threaten your overall health. Therefore scheduling an appointment with a general dentist nearby will suffice.

Unfortunately, significant tooth fractures require help from an emergency dentist, especially if a large piece of the tooth is missing. In addition, severe pain often accompanies significant fractures making emergency treatment essential.

Knowing Who to Contact during a Dental Emergency

You can receive medical attention for the dental problem affecting you regardless of whether you have a regular dentist or not. In addition, most dentists set aside time to deal with patients arriving with dental emergencies. Therefore calling the dentist in Annapolis, MD, or any family dentist nearby is worthwhile.

Your teeth can break or fracture at odd hours in the evening, on weekends, or on holidays. In such circumstances, you must call the dentist’s office nearby, no matter the time. Dentists typically have an emergency number that patients can call to receive pre-recorded instructions on managing a dental crisis.

You can also visit an emergency room to receive attention for the pain or prevent bleeding. However, emergency rooms do not have dental professionals on their staff. Instead, they will direct you to a dentist’s office nearby after providing first aid and a hefty bill for the services. It indicates you must spend twice to deal with one problem, making it better for you to search for dentists in your locality before contacting ERs.

Are Broken Teeth Considered Emergencies?

There is no clear answer to the above question. It depends on the damage’s extent and the severity of the discomfort you experience. For example, minor chips and breaks can wait until you see your regular dentist for a routine appointment. However, they do require treatment from a dental professional because the chips in your tooth encourage bacteria to penetrate it to cause more damage inside the tooth, making you need intensive therapies.

However, if a broken tooth extends beneath your gum line, it helps if you contact an emergency dental office nearby or the Annapolis dentist requesting instructions on managing your crisis or an urgent care appointment if the problem occurs during working hours.

You can visit the dentist’s office with the confidence that you will receive the treatment necessary to help alleviate the pain and potentially preserve your natural tooth. Unfortunately, in some cases, severe fractures in a tooth are challenging to restore, making an extraction necessary. However, you can rest assured the dentist will make all efforts to prevent extraction and recommend it only as a last resort. At the same time, they will offer tooth replacement solutions with dental implants or bridges to help restore your smile and mouth functionality.

Determining whether a broken tooth needs attention from an emergency dentist or your regular dentist is challenging. However, they need help from a dental professional. If you are affected by a dental situation with a broken tooth, kindly do not hesitate to contact Guard Your Smile Dentistry. They can help you manage the situation until you reach their dental office to receive appropriate treatment. However, do not ignore the broken tooth unless prepared to endure intensive therapies.