Partials & Full Dentures

Partials and Full Dentures in Annapolis, MD

Living with missing teeth is challenging. If you are missing multiple teeth or a whole row, partials and full dentures could help. It’s also an option if you cannot afford implants.

Guard Your Smile Dentistry will be able to ensure that your smile is restored for the better. Our dentists and the staff can help. It starts with an examination to determine where your teeth are at. Then, Dr. Guard gathers an impression of your current teeth. The impression will help the technicians design and develop the partial or full denture to your mouth shape. This can take at least six to eight weeks.

Our dentists near you may provide a consultation if you need a partial or full denture.

What are the benefits of partials and full dentures?

The benefits of partials and full dentures include but are not limited to the following:

  • They look like the real thing. Most people won’t be able to notice them.
  • A cost-effective option. While implants may be the most expensive, partial or full dentures might be the next best.
  • It can restore the bite you once had.

Finding partials and full dentures near you is easier than you think. Our dentists in Annapolis, MD will provide you with this option if you are looking for a quick solution for restoring your smile. It won’t need a procedure such as a bone graft, which can take time to heal.

Do I need any surgery for partials or full dentures?

If you need multiple teeth removed for partials and full dentures, the teeth in question must be in the right condition to be extracted.

If you are already missing teeth, no surgery will be needed. Partials and full dentures in Annapolis, MD might be the best solution if you want to restore your smile in almost no time.

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Guard Your Smile Dentistry can help if you need partials or full dentures to restore your smile. Our dentists will check your mouth and provide you with a consultation. Restore your smile and set an appointment today.